Juvenile Crimes

Some of the partners in our firm have been juvenile crimes prosecutors and know exactly how the system works. We have been defending juvenile cases for decades now.


Handling a juvenile case requires a firm who can think outside the box. The focus of the juvenile system is rehabilitation and we work diligently to find solutions and programs to get young kids back on track, while not burdening them with a criminal record.

Our Approach to Defending Juvenile Crimes:

We want to find the cause of the problem, not just the solution.  The vast majority of juvenile cases have some underlying problem that we must address or the system will just be a revolving door for our youth.  We spend hours with our juvenile clients and their families trying to find what best suites their needs.

We are in Court on a weekly basis fighting for our juvenile clients.

The Law:

Juvenile cases are governed by the Texas Family Code as opposed to adults who are governed by the Texas Penal Code.

Juvenile cases by their very nature are civil cases and the vast majority of times kept confidential.

The few of the difference between Adult charges and juvenile charges are as follow:

a. The focus of the juvenile system is rehabilitation, not punishment;

b. Juveniles cannot be sentenced to jail as a form of punishment;

c. Juveniles can be placed into the adult court system, but it is very rare and typically requires a very serious charge and a juvenile who is fifteen (15) years of age and older;