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Who are the likely offenders when it comes to sexual assault of a child?

Who are likely offenders in the sexual assault of a child? Who would sexually assault a child? This is a question that most people ask rhetorically since a majority or the population would never even consider committing a crime against a child.

There are certain types of offenders that we see regularly. It’s likely that if your child is the victim of a sex crime, the offender will be someone close to your child. Stepfathers, stepbrothers, cousins, close friends and neighbors are among some of the most common offenders. Child sexual abusers often develop a relationship with a child to manipulate him or her so that they will be compliant with the sexual act. This is perhaps the most damaging component of child sexual abuse.

Also, it is important to note that the defining feature of child sexual abuse is the offender’s perception that the sexual relationship is mutual and acceptable. This kind of information about sex crimes, as well as all the information provided in this video series, will help you to keep your child protected.

Video Transcript

Shawn McDonald: “Stepdads, family members, cousins, stepbrothers, uncles, typical family relationship. Is I would say a large majority of it. You know it’s the older cousin being around the seven year old girl, fourteen year old cousin all the time or eighteen year old cousin seventeen. You see a lot of juvenile crimes that way too. Sex offenses. So it’s mostly family relationship I would say in my experience. I could be wrong, but that’s a lot what we see is some type of family relationship.”


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