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Criminal Defense Trial Attorneys Ft Bend County Texas

At Smith, McDonald, Bolin, we are solely committed to protecting the rights of those accused of a crime. We strictly handle criminal defense cases and 100% of our practice is devoted to criminal defense work. We take cases from assault, domestic violence, DWI, juvenile crimes, weapon offenses, white collar crime, and many more.

With over 50 years of criminal law experience shared between them, Pheobe Smith, Shawn McDonald, and Amanda Bolin teamed up to become a leading firm in Fort Bend County. All three partners have extensive experience as prosecutors and defense attorneys, giving them an unmatched edge in practicing criminal law.

If there is one similarity that our partners share it’s this – passion for people. With varying backgrounds and education paths, it’s their desire to help people that brought Smith, McDonald, and Bolin together. In criminal law, you work to protect your clients from criminal prosecution – a task that is not taken without a fierce commitment to justice, fairness, and freedom. Working in criminal law is the utmost salute to the American right of innocent until proven guilty. We’re here to do just that.

Well, what’s the story? How did Smith, McDonald, and Bolin form the firm? You can watch the full story in this video.