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Is sex offenders related to boys on the rise?

Are sex offenders of boys on the rise? Quite often when we think of sex crimes we think of the victims as young girls, but what about sex crimes against young boys? Their doesn’t seem to be evidence supporting the idea that there is an increase in crimes against young boys.

Young girls continue to be the prime target of sex offenders, however that’s not to say that it isn’t happening to young boys across our country every day. The grooming process for young boys looks quite different than that of young girls, and Shawn breaks down the differences in this video. He tells us the things to look out for in possible offenders, as well as how we as parents can avoid putting our children in potentially compromising situations. One area where there are more male victims is under the umbrella of teacher student relationships, female teachers having sexual relationships with male students is where we see more boys being affected than girls. Under reported crimes could be a possible reason for not knowing for certain if sex offenders of boys on the rise.

It’s important to keep an eye on both your male and female children, stay active in their lives and lookout for any unusual behavior. And learn the true definition of sex crimes to be able to help protect others.