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What should I do if I get pulled over with weed in the car?

The question of “what to do if you get pulled over with weed” is indeed a very good one, and is one that could result in dramatically different “legal outcomes,” depending on how you play your cards. Your attitude, responses, and actions all affect the outcome of your potential case in court.

Sugar Land, TX criminal defense attorney, Shawn McDonald of SMB Criminal Defense Lawyers, shares what you do if you have weed in the car.

  1. Be respectful. Things can go terribly wrong if you don’t have respect for law enforcement. For example, don’t be rummaging for your license and registration when the officer walks up. Keep your hands on the wheel. Be kind and nice. Don’t argue with an officer or curse at them.  If you end up going to trial, a jury or judge is going to know about your attitude and your less likely to receive restitution.
  2. Refuse consent. If they ask for consent, always refuse. Decline respectfully by saying, “Look I know you are trying to do your job, but my attorney advised me to not let you search my car. If you are going to search, I will cooperate, but I can’t give you consent.” Remember to explain that you aren’t trying to be disrespectful, you are just following the guidance from your attorney. In fact, without probable cause, the police are not permitted to search your vehicle.

Keep in mind that audio and visual proof of your behavior will be available during a court proceeding. Do you want a jury to witness you cursing out a member of law enforcement? Do you want a jury to hear you arguing with the men and women in blue? No. You need the jury to like you to improve your chances of leniency.


Kill them with kindness and refuse consent!