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What are the two types of sex offender registration in Texas?

Sex offender registration is required when any offender is convicted in the state of Texas.  It is important to be aware that sex offender registration is assigned even if a person is not convicted and only receives deferred adjudication for their crime. There are a number things that fall under the category of sex crimes and thankfully the Texas Sex Offender Registry requires all offenders to be chronicled and tracked.

There are two types of sex offender registration in Texas. The first is a  10-year registration which starts after their release. So, if the offender serves any amount of time, their 10-year registration period starts once they are released. The other type of registration is for life and most sex offenders in Texas fall under this category. Also, the ruling for any sex offender registration case can change and become harsher for a person even after they enter a plea.

There are many rules that a sex offender must live under in the state of Texas, familiarizing yourself with each one will help you feel a greater sense of safety and help you to better protect your loved ones.